About Us

Shiva Strap Creators:
Chris O'bryan & Gabriella Gaona

Chris started practicing yoga 5 years ago as a way to heal old climbing injuries, and fell in love with the practice.  Chris earned his RYT-200 from Asheville Yoga Center. 

Gabriella started her yoga journey at age 16. She earned her RYT-200 YTT in San Francisco, CA and has been certified in Raja-Hatha Yoga since 2016. 

One day Chris was meditating on Lord Shiva (the name given to consciousness that dwells in us all...) when he decided to create a necklace that reminded him of a statue he saw of Lord Shiva. Chris wore his creation to MYPATH Fest. (a yoga event created and organized by Gabriella). When Gabriella saw Chris wearing his creation, she immediately thought it was a yoga strap. Ever since that day, Gabriella and Chris have been finding more and more uses for this incredible product. They started selling them out of The Inner Warrior, a local yoga shop conveniently owned and operated by Gabriella and her mother in Louisville, KY. A half year later, at the second MYPATH Fest, they became a hit! It has become a conversation piece and a perfect tool for spreading the awareness of Yoga. They have recently perfected the design and are now available online and worldwide!!